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Tourist Visa & Regulations

A foreigner with a valid passport or any travel document equivalent to passport issued by his/her Government can apply for visa from any Royal Nepalese Embassy or Consulate or other mission offices or immigration offices located on entry points in Nepal.
NOTE: Citizens of India must have travel document such a passport or Indian drivers’ license or Indian voters’ identity card.

Visa Fee for visitors entering Nepal for the first time in a Visa Year (January to December)

FEES (in US$)
Single Entry
60 days from the date of entry
US$ 30 or equivalent convertible foreign currency
Multiple Entry*
60 days from the date of entry
US$ 80 or equivalent convertible foreign currency

• Multiple Entry* visa will be valid for a Visa Year (150 days in a visa year provided that the visa remains valid).
• No visa fee will be applicable to a tourist who re-enters the Kingdom within the same Visa Year and had stayed prior to re-entry in Nepal for 15 days continuously within the same Visa Year.
• No entry visa fee will be imposed on the citizens of a member country of the SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) & the Peoples Republic of China.
• No visa fee will be charged to foreigners intending to stay in Nepal for three days or less.

Tourist Visa Extension: A tourist visa can be extended up to 120 days from the Department of Immigration in Kathmandu or Pokhara on request and in person. An additional 30 days can be extended by the Department of Immigration at the discretion of the officer in charge and on assurance that the tourist will leave the country within 150 days in one Visa Year.


1. Tourist visa extension fee and additional late fee are as follows:-
- Visa extension without re-entry facility for 30 days: US$ 30 in equivalent Nepalese currency.
- Visa extension with multiple entry facility for 30 days: US$ 80 in equivalent Nepalese currency. A tourist who has taken previously Multiple Re-entry facility in the same visa year, will have to pay US$ 30 to the officer of the Immigration Department.

2. Late fee for regularizing tourist visa:-
- US$2 in equivalent Nepalese currency per day for the first 30 days.
- US$3 in equivalent Nepalese currency per day for the next 31 to 90 days.
- US$5 in equivalent Nepalese currency per day for more than 90 days.

3. Fee exemption of tourist visa:-
- Children below 10 years.
- Dependants up to the age of 16 years, holding foreign passports of Nepalese parents or one of the parents is a Nepalese citizen.
- Citizen of Nepali origin, after having obtained passport for the first time from a Nepal based foreign mission, until the period of his departure to a foreign country.


Completed tour booking form must be accompanied by USD 100 trip deposit for confirmation of all bookings. The balance must be paid no later than 3 days before trip departure. Only hard currency & traveller's cheque are acceptable.

You may also book directly with us via fax , e-mail or through our internet web site booking form provided. We require copy of your passport & USD 100 trip deposit for confirmation of all bookings. Payment may be wired to our following banking address:

Hillary Travels & Tours (P) Ltd.
Himalayan Bank Ltd, Tridevi Marg
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: ++977-1-4227756, 4227749
Telex: 2789HIBA NP

Notice of cancellation must be made in person for those booking locally. Those booking from overseas should apply refund in writing. Refunds will be made as follows:

15 days before departure: No charge.

Less than 14 days before departure USD 100 will be deducted.

No refund will be available once the trip is launched, delayed or aborted due to political disturbances, natural calamities and other circumstances beyond the control of Hillary Travels & Tours or its agents. Additional cost necessitated by such delays, accidents or cancellations will be the travellers' liability.
Those with chronic health problems should consult a doctor before making travel plans. Most people visiting Tibet rarely suffer more than mild discomfort before getting acclimatised. Best remedial measure is not to engage in physically exhausting activities. Drink plenty of water, stay warm & have a positive mental disposition. If you get sick take `diamox' tablets as per your physician's instruction.
Warm clothing is required through out but more specifically from October to April.

In general dressing in layers is the best. Few change of clothes with shirt, sweater, jacket & cotton inner linings with tops & bottoms, comfortable walking shoes, pair of pants should suffix. During the month of October to April, wear woolen or down clothings & boots. Also you will require a water bottle, water purification tabs, chapstick, suntan lotion, utility knife, flash light, battery operated shavers, dusk mask or bandana, medicine for common colds, headache, fever, stomach disorder & diamox for altitude sickness.